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It is hard to find something that will complement four different body types, that is why my bridesmaids wore these super easy to make wrap skirts. 
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Have you ever had to wear something you absolutely hated? It is the worst feeling and makes your confidence level hit rock bottom. I wanted my girls to feel beautiful on my wedding day, but I also wanted to have a 'theme' I liked. These wrap skirts were my saving grace. 
You can get the pattern for these skirts here
These skirts are very adjustable, almost like a one size fits all.  You can sew the top hem closed depending on how high you want your slit to be. Some chose to have more leg showing and others chose to keep theirs closed. That is why these are so great, they can fit personal preferences.
These can be dressed up or used as cover up to the beach! Depending on what fabric you use it could be an every day outfit. Check out Pinterest for inspiration for a wrap skirt outfit! the options are endless.
My bridesmaids are wearing tops that we found from Forever 21 and PacSun.
​Each outfit cost under $50 and fit my wedding theme perfectly. 
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<![CDATA[How I got my wedding dress for under $100!]]>Thu, 19 Apr 2018 03:29:14 GMThttp://doneblonde.com/diywedding/how-i-got-my-wedding-dress-for-under-100
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Here is my dress and how we made it.
My mother made the skirt of my two piece wedding dress using this pattern. the pattern is very simple to use, you do not have to be an experienced sewer to be able to make it.
She added lace to the hem of the skirt and made the back a little longer so it would have a small train
She lined the inside of it with a light weight lining fabric to make the fabric a little thicker so it wouldn't be see though and to give the skirt more body. I didn't want the skirt to stick to me.
My awesome Maid of Honor, Megan, steaming my top
My top is actually from forever 21, and it only cost $5! 
Weddings are expensive but there is a lot you can do to help save your budget. See other things we did to save money on our wedding day here.
          You can also use this pattern to make a cute beach cover up, or just a super cute outfit.                   You can look on Pinterest for outfit inspiration on how to style a wrap skirt.
My brides maids also wore wrap skirts. See what they looked like here
If you are making a skirt for your wedding or just to wear, this is a super affordable way to have something original and unique.
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​    When most people start planning a wedding the first thought is, 'what is my budget?' The second thought is, 'this isn't going to be cheap!' Been there, thought that. During the time of planning our wedding, we found little and big ways to help stretch our budget. 
​ Here are 7 small to big ideas you could do to make your Big day great without spending Big bucks!
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  1. Make your own decorations
Making your own decorations is a super easy and fun way to cut down on your bill. You get to customize the look you want so it fits perfectly to your theme, and you and a few friends can have a lot of fun while doing it!
Painting cardboard letters is another minimal decoration that can add a lot. This project only cost about $10! 
paper letters found Here 
Chalk paint found Here
​​       2. Make your own wedding favors
For the wedding favors at my wedding my mom and I made these super cute dream catcher key chains. We wanted something that people could get use out of, that wouldn't just junk up their lives.
See how to make your own here.
Original and cute. Pinterest has loads of ideas on cute wedding favors.
     3. Use pictures
Using pictures to decorate is a very sentimental way to decorate your wedding. I chose to use pictures of my grandfathers who have passed away, as well as my husbands great-grandparents. This was a way for us to remember our loved ones on our special day. Using pictures allows your guest to see more of you and just adds a much more personal touch.
       4. Making the dresses
I know this is a huge and intimidating DIY, but we saved hundreds of dollars by making the brides maid dresses. My mother is a saint and actually made all the brides maids skirts!
You can do it too- my mother is not a trained seamstress by any means.
Click here to see how you can make your own. 
My mom made my wedding dress also! See here

      5. Making the men's bow-ties

With left over fabric from the skirts we made the men's bow-ties. This is so easy, it only takes about 10 minutes and it will save you so much money. Bow-ties are not cheap. Plus it will match perfectly! 
       ​6. Invitations 
Your wedding invitations set the mood of your wedding before the actual wedding. A friend of ours who does print making made these for us, but you can download designs from Etsy and take them somewhere that does professional printing to save you a lot of money- and you can get what you want.
AshAndPaints is the Etsy shop we downloaded this design from

    7. Wedding bands

Rings are so simple, yet so expensive. I am not a high maintenance girl. I couldn't care less about wearing a diamond on my hand. My engagement ring actually had diamonds in it and it was beautiful but after a year of wearing it almost all the diamonds were gone because I had been so rough on it. I knew I didn't want a fancy ring and I was certain I didn't want to be in debt because of a ring. My mom makes jewelry, so she made these matching wedding bands for us. We saved hundreds of dollars by being fortunate enough that my mom could make these. 
I know not everyone knows a jeweler but there are some pretty affordable rings on Etsy. Having a handcrafted ring is special. You will have your own unique ring. 
Here is a link to an Etsy shop that has beautiful rings similar to ours.
Here is an Etsy shop that has more feminine handmade rings
   Everyone's wedding day should be filled with love and remember there is no price tag on love. I hope this post gave you a creative spark to maybe try and make something for your wedding. 
If you are in the Knoxville, Tennessee area or you are planning an event check out our photographer and venue